Romanian Pavilion

The exhibition pavilion of Romania

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Proposal

The concept of the pavilion started from the idea of merging our cultural values, the elements of the traditional space to which we are still closely connected, with our need to keep up with technological development. This need, unfortunately, drove us apart from the traditional values, an issue that our concept tries to resolve.

Sustainability is illustrated in this blend of new and old elements by combining traditional techniques with innovative ones. So, this can be observed by taking a look at the contrasting materials that make up the facade (glass brick and carved wooden panels specific to the traditional gates, the two compresses in the outer waiting area, which serve as interactive exhibits for passers-by), as well as to the interior space. The theme in the interior is reiterated with each component (the straw roof, suspended from the ceiling, the volume of 13.50 m high made of compacted earth, in contrast to the technology of seemingly floating walkways that cross the entire space).

Regarding the point of view of the exhibition route, the walkways carry the visitor through the basic plans of the traditional grade: the courtyard, the house, and the sky, conceptually twisted by the technological invasion.

The ground floor (the ground level, which should represent stability and peace), becomes ephemeral, temporary, and constantly moving and changing due to the flow of visitors passing through it.

The mezzanine and the first floor become the place of the main activities within the pavilion, keeping a character of the “core of the house”. The second floor (the easiest level in terms of flexibility and function) becomes the support point of the space through the exclusively administrative functions that are carried out in it, hence the “earth” or the foundation of the house.

The change of the meaning of the 3 defining areas brings with it a dislocation of cultural understanding, manifested by the emergence of the spiral, almost initiatory route, around the central idea of the hearth. The suspended roof that shelters the stage area represents a dematerialization of the primordial idea of housing.




Dubai, United Arab Emirates,




1.310 m²


Estimated cost

3,239,253 €

Chief Architect

Irina Panait


Adelina Pușcașu

Structural engineer


Ministerul Afacerilor de Externe

Ordinul Arhitecților din România