TPE Residence

TPE Residence

Constanta, Romania

The overview of the building is conceived around the idea of “geometry”. Our vision aims to balance the customer’s desire for a large amount of usable area, combined with the specificity of urban life in the new building.

Therefore, the architectural approach is a subtle blend of contemporary and De Stijl influences, thus allowing each element to find its own balance, which contributes to a visual richness that enhances the composition and harmony of the building.

The quality of an interior space largely depends on its brightness, therefore, on the design of its windows. That is why all windows are carried out on almost the entire height of that level, with the purpose of maximizing the light in the household.

In addition, internal compliance consists of positioning the vertical circulation node in the core of the building, connected to two circulation cores, located on different axes. This functional arrangement responds both to the need for flexibility of use and for light capture throughout the day.

From the chromatic point of view, the building retains a reserved and neutral appearance by using white, highlighted by the matte black aluminum windows and the color accents inspired by Piet Mondrian’s paintings. To help break the white monotony, the entire ground floor and the segment that marks the vertical traffic node are painted black.




Constanța, România





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Chief Architect

Irina Panait


Structural engineer