Aria Concept HQ

Aria Concept HQ

Constanta, Romania

Our office is located in a historic house built in 1890, modernized in 1934, and located in the heart of Constanta.

The project consists of modernizing the facades, staking, and expanding the interior space, with the ultimate goal of increasing the economic competitiveness of the society. The architectural value of the house was taken into account and a reserved volumetry was proposed, the image of which would fit into the urban context, but would also preserve the valuable decorative elements of the existing house.

Furthermore, the proposal consists of staking the house with a level above which it was designed. So, the staking would be done by using ‘U-glass’. The U-shaped glass configuration produces high structural strength inside the channel, allowing it to be installed on multiple levels or on long lengths without the need for additional horizontal or vertical support. Therefore, this system adds value to the interior due to the visual impact of light from the outside to the inside during the day and vice versa at night.

From a chromatic point of view, a neutral appearance was chosen, predominantly white, a color that prevails throughout the whole ensemble. Moreover, the reserved chromatic is punctuated by the earthy shade of windows and doors and vertical accents, which highlight the vibe of the brick walls.

Thus, the new headquarters adopt a modern aesthetic that ennobles the functional aspect, evoking a new sense of form, a carefully studied fusion between traditional and modern.




Constanța, România






Estimated cost

Chief Architect

Irina Panait


Cosmina Adăscăliței

Structural engineer



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