Urban regeneration kit of the Constanta Peninsula

Urban regeneration kit of the Constanta Peninsula

Constanța, România, 2020

Conceived in close collaboration with our partners from the World Bank and Constanța City Hall, the KIT is one of the basic tools that support the strategy of planning, design, management and use of quality public spaces and which are desired to be achieved in the area peninsula of Constanta.

This KIT is composed of 5 books. Each one of them is focused on developing a new branch of the implementation process of a consistent vision for the peninsular area.

Peninsula stands still as a strong symbol for Constanta City, especially the shore where you can find the Casino. In this place, you can find a unique mixture of histories, cultures, nations, people, and traditions, one more surprising than the other. Due to its comprehensible arrangement of the public area and the breathtaking background of the sea, this urban fragment invites people to enjoy its surroundings. Historically talking, the place is filled with priceless value, unfortunately, the degradation is increased, so, there it’s a need for protection and regeneration on a higher level.

All 5 books are serving as tools for the definition of the design requirements, the base for future projects, including technic infrastructure. This Manual contributes to a better evaluation of the efficiency of an idea. On this occasion, we would like to thank all involved in the creation of this Kit, architects, urbanists, and enthusiasts, who helped with the research, analysis, and consulting.




Constanța, România


2018 – 2020


670.000 m²

Main coordinator

Irina Panait

Constanța City Hall Coordinator

Radu Vânturache 

Coordinator World Bank

Marcel Ionescu-Heroiu   


Nicolae Petrencu

Graphic direction

Sucmănaru Vlăduț Andrei

Ștefan Munteanu 


Sucmănaru Vlăduț Andrei


Adelina Puscașu 

Andra Gheorghiu  

Ioana Melencu  

Iozefina Lipan