Municipal administrations have the greatest responsibility for the overall quality and results of the development of the public space. Unfortunately, Romanian administrations do not have a system for preparing an investment concept in the public space. Most investments are directed to technical and infrastructure plans and are directly allocated to technical and transport infrastructure managers.

The various plans are designed only by technical specialists and include only technical modifications. Our publications address the idea of creating quality public spaces, focusing on devices that can help to develop both their structure and their more detailed parts. Details of space and the set of principles developed should apply in a general manner, not addressed to specific sites.

Also, the publications present general information and proposals to define good practices. Simulations, references, and rules create a basis for dialog, the image of the city being ultimately the result of the quality of communication.

Is wrong to think that we are designing structures based on a desideratum or project theme. Our ideation process is much more complex and we aim to offer the best our team has every step of the way. In addition, we like to say that we’re projecting from the inside out, starting from the intentional implementation, focused on psychological well-being.

Our approach is different and we start with developing an idea that intelligently uses every inch of property available to its full potential. Once the foundations are established, we can then shift our attention to maximizing efficiency and creating aesthetic elements that are timeless and visually enchanting.

All you need to know is that at every step of the design process, the client will be at the center of our attention and his expectations will be exceeded. We are confident that every client will be satisfied with every result and that is why we make this statement.

Typically, our interior design is distinguished by its contemporary approach resulting in a specific design, representative of the client. Functionality that matches the requirements of each client is important to us and we apply this approach throughout the creative process.

Also, the lighting, colors, configuration, proportions, and materials addressed arouse people’s senses and generate a varied spectrum of feelings. Above all, our ideas are functional and attractive. This ethos is dear to us and we are dedicated to integrating these traits into each project. Meaning that we will always take into account the ultimate goal and style, generating a habitat that has maximized potential.