The pedestrian area as a commercial node

The pedestrian area as a commercial node

Constanța, România, 2020

Stefan cel Mare Street, the main commercial root in the old days and the favorite promenade place of the citizens had over the years a great flux of people, but without a good strategy and planning for the smaller merchants and services, the area is degrading economical and architectural.

For Constanta, the need to define programs for the development of commercial facilities is all the more necessary, as, at present, large disparities have occurred through the imbalance created as a result of the uncontrolled expansion of the large multinational distribution chains. This has disadvantaged both small independent trade and the network of shops specific to the main/historical centers of cities.

ARIA concept Architecture team, together with our partners from the World Bank and Constanta City Hall, confirms the need for thinking and action at the level of local communities in a vision converged with the new sustainable development policy of cities. The activation of the central commercial area consists in defining a quality urban framework and innovative economic practices. The small scale of the exhibition space creates the premise of focusing on the quality of services and products.

The transition to a qualitative and not quantitative presentation also entails the investment in the built framework and thus the standard of the area increases its attractiveness as well as economic efficiency.




Constanța, România


2018 – 2020


255.083 m²

Main coordinator

Irina Panait

Coordinator World Bank

Marcel Ionescu-Heroiu   


Nicolae Petrencu

Graphic direction

Sucmănaru Vlăduț Andrei

Ștefan Munteanu 


Sucmănaru Vlăduț Andrei


Adelina Puscașu 

Andra Gheorghiu  

Ioana Melencu  

Iozefina Lipan