Apartment MA

Constanta, Romania

When the design of this household was created, we went for a minimalist approach, highlighted by the juxtaposition of neutral textures and tones. This resulted in a bright and airy space, with an emphasis on the functionality of the created areas.

The calm atmosphere, with an emphasis on functionality, is supported by neutral chromatic, retained, predominantly white. Therefore, the neutral chromatic is broken by natural shades, respectively by the warmth of the wood that shapes the entire dwelling, being used on almost the entire surface of the floor.

Also, the marble-looking walls and accents complement the reserved atmosphere. Marble expresses a somewhat hedonistic desire to enjoy unique, evocative, and very personal environments.

The golden accents on the luminaires and mirrors are also indispensable. They are modestly proportioned, but the sense of luxury they evoke makes them visually lift the entire space.

The main area, which is created based on the open space principle, was delimited with the help of the fins used, such as the pastel wall that takes on the role of the canvas. A trick used for the living area was to use golden mirrors to mask the hallway and give the impression of an open space. In addition, the harmonious communication between the dining area, the living room, and the kitchen was achieved through the furniture pieces that make the discreet transition between the areas.

Finally, the general theme was continued in the matrimonial bedroom and in the bathroom by associating white with decorative geometric shapes in earthy shades. The floral motifs on the bed upholstery and suspended lighting fixtures give dynamism to a reserved space.




Constanța, România


12 months



Estimated cost

Chief Architect

Irina Panait


Structural engineer