IM House

Constanta, Romania

The household is located in the newly arranged neighborhood of Ovidiu, on the shore of Siutghiol Lake, away from the noise of boulevards or crowded neighborhoods. The goal was to create a bright, warm, and welcoming place.

Defined by a crude sensitivity, the arrangement of this interior lends itself to the conventions of modern architecture, adopting industrial influences.

The industrial style appeared in 1700, when, without access to electricity, people began to opt more and more for spacious, hall-like interiors with stained-glass walls for natural light.

Therefore, the harmony of a modern interior design combined with elements of the industrial style lies in the carefully chosen details. The chromatic palette used in the interior design tends to neutral shades with accents of matt black, maroon, and gray, and to render a sophisticated frame, materials such as wood, metal, and apparent brick were used. The only room where vibrant colors were used is the children’s room.

Another room that breaks the neutral chromatic theme is the matrimonial bedroom, which stands out by the earthy shades of furniture and emerald green accents to emphasize the bed area. Moreover, to create size and depth, it was chosen to paint the brushes in a dark shade.

The theme of the concrete ceiling is used throughout the living area, being continued on the upper floors where the rest area is located.

Finally, the modern approach, highlighted by the materials used and the chromatic palette, creates a design with a special charm and dynamics.




Constanța, România


12 months




Estimated cost

Chief Architect

Irina Panait


Structural engineer