The fencing room

The fencing room

Constanța, România, Concept

The study area chosen for the creation of the fencing sports center is on the western side of the Children’s Park in Constanta, adjoining Primaverii Street. The concept perfectly integrates with the specifics of the complex, bringing more functions to the area and contributing to the revitalization and restructuring of the area.

The sports center will be located in place of some disabled tennis fields and will connect the right side of Primăverii Street with the heart of the Children’s Palace by creating a meeting center at the street level and by strengthening the secondary access to the complex. Therefore, the building will be developed under the P+1 regime, on an area of 2,955 sqm, out of the 8,289 sqm of the site.

Through the connection between the neighborhood and the Children’s Palace and the warm appearance of the building, the proposed center will become an important landmark within the city and will introduce a new endowment at its level. The sports aspect of the hall will be complemented by a café, accommodation places, and a training room for athletes, polarizing visitors both locally and nationally. The facade facing Primăverii Street will be predominantly glazed, this being the facade of the accommodation rooms of the athletes.

At night, a set of alternating color lights will play on certain portions of translucent glass.

Moreover, the restrooms for athletes will be suspended, creating a shaded corridor from which access to the unit will be made. The lighting of the gym is made of continuous skylights with protective grilles.

From an aesthetic point of view, for the exterior, a wooden-clad facade was chosen, complemented by the neutrality of the apparent concrete. This theme continues in the interior, using a ceiling made of apparent concrete, complemented by warm shades and murals.




Constanța, România






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Chief Architect

Irina Panait


Structural engineer