Alfa Medical Distribution Warehouse

Alfa Medical Distribution Warehouse

Constanta, Romania, Concept

Alfa Medical distribution is a pharmaceutical warehouse with Romanian private capital that ensures the distribution of medicines, disinfectants, and para-pharmaceuticals on the territory of Romania.

The desideratum consists of the arrangement of an office space and a pharmaceutical warehouse. So, the overall building is designed around the idea of geometry. The area is divided into two: the warehouse area, located on the ground floor, and the office area, located on the upper floor. Essentially, the three simple geometric shapes arranged in an asymmetric balance render a pleasant scale and optimize the interior space.

Unlike the vertical glass box, the upper facade contains a series of vertical slots, which have both a functional and visual role in the geometric order. The modern concept of the panoramic window – one of the five points proposed by Le Corbusier for a new architecture – aims to maximize the opening of rooms to light and landscape. So, the window becomes a big “screen”.

In addition, the free land around the construction will be arranged as a green space with the role of protection and ambiance, especially lawn plantings, decorative trees, and shrubs, most of them perennial, as well as hedges. It was also discussed making a green roof, composed of natural vegetation rolls.




Constanța, România






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Chief Architect

Irina Panait


Structural engineer



SC Alfa Medical Distribution SRL