Apartment MP

Constanta, Romania

The design of this apartment started from the desire to create a contemporary feeling that conveys comfort and familiar emotions. So. the entire design is based on an eclectic style with contemporary elements.

The space is in harmony thanks to the color palette, finishes, and textures. Our team aimed to optimize the space, respecting the circulation flows and enhancing it from a functional point of view.

Once inside, the household opens to an open space that has been divided into functional subareas to harmoniously integrate the living area with the open kitchen and the island with four bar chairs.

From a chromatic point of view, it was chosen for gray tones, heated in places by warm earthy accents. The replication of the tones from the wallpaper with tropical motifs provides visual continuity, so the dynamics of the space lead to a theater scene, put in the foreground by blue shades and powdered textures, found in the sofa, decorative cushions, and curtains.

There is no shortage of furnishing matte black accents on furniture, lighting fixtures, and sanitary ware.

In addition, the inspiration for the master bedroom comes from the elegant and imposing classic hotel rooms. The bed is personalized with oversized upholstery with a velvety texture, complemented by the wall decorated with mirrors of different sizes, arranged in a cubist composition. Also, the mirrors’ role is to emphasize and define the sleeping area, while adding visual dynamics.

It is also worth mentioning the arrangement of bathrooms that, although they have mainly a functional role, stand out due to the luxurious appearance given by the chosen materials: glass mosaic, ceramic mosaic in gray tones, wooden furniture, and matte black sanitary ware.




Constanța, România


12 months




Estimated cost

Chief Architect

Irina Panait


Structural engineer