Redevelopment and re-functionalization of the Danube Cliff

Redevelopment and re-functionalization of the Danube Cliff

Galați, România, Proposal

For tourist destinations in Romania, the Danube course offers a multitude of attractive locations, including the Danube Cliff in Galați. The urban garden, a backbone that connects the city with the river, takes over from the Danube waves through the sinuosity of the suggested forms, transforming them progressively into forms characteristic of the city.

In support of the increase in attractiveness, a series of modern elements are proposed in this project, closely related to the natural and anthropic environment. So, we mainly propose creating new traffic routes, as well as a series of spaces meant to attract the interest of both tourists and locals.

The proposed roads that cross the site are: the main and secondary pedestrian route, the cultural route – considered an open-air museum –  and, last but not least, the sports route for bicycles and running. Given the width of the site, which is significantly smaller than its length, the roads flow in the same direction as the river, along the cliff.

The promenade, the main road, is the closest to the waterfront, being open, but at the same time protected by the proposed dam, but in contrast to this, which is made up of straight lines, the path of the cliff is sinuous, guiding the user of the alternative space to the river and the park.

Secondly, the route through the park directs the walk to areas further away from the watercourse, with an emphasis on user protection.

In addition, regarding the sports route, the emphasis is on the feeling of comfort – referring to the passing alongside the collection of statues sculpted by George Apostu, namely “Father and Son” and “Fruit of the Sun”.

In order to avoid unsafe areas, the footbridge was designed so that the passage under it is as psychologically comfortable as possible.




Galați, România




2.500 m²


Estimated cost

Chief Architect

Irina Panait


Adelina Pușcașu

Andra Gheorghiu

Structural engineer


Galati City Hall