Redevelopment and re-functionalization of Valea Tiglinai

Redevelopment and re-functionalization of Valea Tiglinai

Constanța, România, Concept

Located on the land of a former tile factory, and surrounded by a residential district and mixed functions, the land in Tiglinei Valley is abandoned and constantly degrading, not being used to its full potential.

Our team’s proposal focuses on increasing the accessibility of the area by bringing water users/pedestrians closer together by transforming and connecting the various prose areas found on the two sites. Thus, the Tiglina Valley will be reborn as a unitary sports park, which will use the specific potential of each area. Also, the No. 1 Factory will combine commercial functions with a series of facilities that will support sports activities.

As a defining element for the new spatial ordering of the valley, we chose the path of the water that crosses it longitudinally. The route of the existing but reorganized water element will be highlighted from its source point, continuing through collecting pools, following a sinuous shape, accentuated from place to place by a series of 60 cm-deep dams. The river will end its crossing at the same diameter as at the spring and will reappear later in an area close to the site. The visitors will have access to the water either at height, through a series of circular walkways, which will cross its route at key points, or in the spaces arranged in the water valley.

The existing character of the place – the wild nature of the Forest of the Pastragors – will be preserved. Therefore, the approaches to it will be only natural, without harmful contrasts between man and the environment. This park will continue to host the mountain-biking route, but in a form appropriated and reorganized to support eventual extreme sports competitions.

The route thus created will cross the entire park along the river, and will serve the newly formed sports complex. In addition, the secondary routes will have a sinuous character and will leave from the points already used as entrances to the site.




Constanța, România




200.000 m²


Estimated cost

10.000 €

Chief Architect

Marcel Ionescu-Heroiu   


Structural engineer