KJ Villa

KJ Villa

Constanta, Romania

The property is located in the center of Constanta, on 18 A Vasile Pârvan Street, in the immediate proximity of the Black Sea. The architectural proposal seeks to operate on typological criteria and aims to respect and complement the urban context of the area.

The constraints of the land (it is a long and narrow area), as well as the existence of two limestones flanking the site, had the consequence of positioning the dwelling so as to cover the two blind walls. This resulted in a double-orientation volumetry, which opens to two courtyards with different degrees of intimacy.

The way of passing from the public space to the private space is done through a gradual transition. After crossing the limit from the sidewalk, it enters a semi-private space (a courtyard from which access is made to the interior of the dwelling). The degree of intimacy increases with the interior space, toward the back of the site. Also, the difference in the level of the day zone creates a clear hierarchy of interior spaces and increases the degree of intimacy.

As for the living area, it is designed in direct connection with a private backyard, which includes a swimming pool. The upper level comprises the leisure area, which includes four bedrooms.

From an aesthetic point of view, the architectural image of the house involved an extensive research process, having as a starting point the cultural heritage of the client.

Traditional, vernacular Islamic motifs such as arches and mashrabiya were used. The house is distinguished by its modern architecture, highlighted by the simple and straight lines of the structure. By intelligently combining concepts and elements of modern and traditional architecture, this villa is a well-designed fusion of Eastern and Western influences.




Constanța, România






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Chief Architect

Irina Panait


Structural engineer